The Kalalayaa Art Academy is dedicated to promoting the classical arts of South India through instructional classes and professional performances. Our artistic programs maintain the cultural heritage, and strive to expand the tradition’s expressive range, fostering its stylistic evolutions.

We truly believe that every person on Earth is capable of making beautiful music. Learning an art is truly one of the most satisfying things you can do. The self-esteem boost that comes from any artist is considerable. It makes them feels good to raise their challenge. And learning that practice improves performance is a lesson that children can extrapolate to many aspects of their lives.

About the institution

Kalalayaa Art Academy, one of the leading Indian Classical Dance Schools in the Velachery area was established in 2002 by MeenaKumari for the purpose of promoting and preserving Indian heritage and culture. Students receive sound training in the practice and theory of several art Like Bharatanatyam, Carnatic Music, Veena & Devaram. Students also receive training in semi-classical and folk dancing. Kalalayaa Art Academy is dedicated to promoting Indian Art in keeping with the strict traditions of these ancient arts. The mission of our art Academy is to provide training of the highest quality while keeping tuition costs low thereby enabling all interested children and adults to learn these ancient art forms.

Kalalayaa Art Academy has trained several thousand students. Over one hundred students have done Salangaipoojai and arangetram and several students continue with dance professionally. Students of the academy attend 8 classes in a month in which 6 classes are practical practice and 2 classes are theory practice.